Message From Sensei

I would like to be a bridge between Bangladesh and Japan through Japanese language. I’m looking forward to meeting you and having lessons together! Let’s enjoy our lesson in MJLCC.

(By Matsuura, Japanese Language Instructor: MJLCC)

About Us

Musubu (結ぶ) is a Japanese word which means Connect, tie up, (বন্ধন , সংযোগ).
We pick up this word to connect between Japan and Bangladesh through the language, culture and relationship between two countries.

We are an institution established by experienced and trained professionals, has been serving Bangladeshi students willing to study in JAPAN.
We offer basic Japanese conversation courses taught by an experienced Japanese native teacher, ‘SHINYA MATSUURA’. You can also learn business conversation and business manners to help you to communicate in Japanese in your business context.

MUSUBU language and cultural Centre is mainly focus on those people who are interest to go to JAPAN for study and work. We would like to be a bridge between Bangladesh and Japan through Japanese language. We also provides some important facilities for students like, Visa Processing, Part-time Job in JAPAN, Daily life support consult in Japan, Introducing ranked educational institutions in Japan, Direct visa processing from Bangladesh for technical background Students/Employee….and more..

We have couple of renowned University, Japanese Language School, Japanese company connected with us.
We can offer you many good selections for admission, job and settle in Japan.


Class Schedule-Basic Japanese Language Course/NAT Test-

  • Duration-160Hours/4Month
  • Time Schedule- 2pm-5pm,5pm-8pm
  • Every week Wednesday and Friday

Course Duration Class Hour Expected Results
Basic Japanese 160 hours/4 Months 2pm – 5pm & 5pm – 8pm Student can read and write sentences in Hiragana, Katakana, and Basic KANJI(150 characters), basic knowledge of grammar and be able to communicate in Japanese.
NAT Test 4 to 12 months Every Week (Wed & Fri) Students are trained and ready for NAT Test Level N 2 -N5
Preparation for JLPT N2~N5 4 to 24 months Students are trained and ready for JLPT Level N2 – N5.
Japan Focus Employee 3 to 6 months Students learn Japanese business manners, custom and culture are able to familiar with Japanese working environment.

Our services

  • Japanese Language Training
  • Introducing Ranked Educational Institutions in Japan for admission and admission processing.
  • Visa processing for Japan
  • Part time Job Introducing in Japan
  • Daily Life support consulting in Japan
  • Job replacement consulting after graduation
  • Direct Job Visa processing from Bangladesh for technical background Student/employee

Our Team

Managing Director & CEO

We are a Japan and Bangladesh Joint venture start to teach Japanese and for Bangladeshi people and guide them to get admission, settle in Japan.Our goal is to make our young generation era in Japan with bright future and prospect

 I am a Bangladeshi and Living Japan for 12 years.I have entered in Japan as overseas student, Master’s program, Japanese public university, graduated as a system engineer, did job in couple of big Japanese Companies,had chance to meet with many Japanese community.I personally believe that Japan need overseas students/employees to contribution their economy, as young populations are decreasing day by day.So many of the educational institutions take seriously this matter and step to increase the percentage of overseas student now a day.In our country we have 65% young generation people which call the population bonus, so we have lot of chance to enter Japan with prestigious position.I am working as coordinator for Bangladeshi IT professionals in Japan (BITPJ), the group controlled by the Bangladesh Embassy in Tokyo.

We are connected with many Japanese company those who need IT resources from overseas and that resource can be able to communicate with Japanese some certain level.We have been talking with many recruiting company in Japan all of them need the resource who can be able to communicate with Japanese language.

On the other hand,We are doing the JICA project in Bangladesh,We are exploring Japanese investment in Bangladesh, (so far we have successfully brought the five companies, and invested millions of FDI from Japan, created many jobs in Bangladesh),We are also investing together with Japanese company and consulting them to boost the business in Bangladesh.Each project either in Bangladesh or Japan I personally found that we need to learn Japanese language and culture, business practice to communicate with them.If we want to do good relationship with the Japan we need to learn Japanese, as Japan is our true and trusted friend and strongest hand for Bangladesh,.

So we took the step to teach Japanese language to our Bangladeshi people those who can able to make good relationship with Japan and explore the both way opportunity.

Our goal is to make our young generation era in Japan with bright future and prospect So please visit us and if you find the interest please join us.

Looking forward to seeing you in MUSUBU.

Anjan Das
Managing Director & CEO.
Musubu Japanese Language and cultural Centre.


Bangladeshi people are very much energetic and meritorious.Japan need the hands like you.We believe that if Bangladeshi young resource can come Japan and can understand Japanese language and culture, they will be able to work and settle in Japan and both the country will be Win-Win.

 I have been visiting Bangladesh for 13 years , more than 35 times I have visited Bangladesh.Bangladesh is nice country and I really like this country’s people very much,As a Japanese I would like to contribute between Bangladesh and Japan, and always thinking what to do for. Bangladeshi people are very much energetic and meritorious.Our group of company in Japan is one of the leading company providing the Human resources to various Japanese company.We bring the human resource from Brazil, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar Etc. and teach them Japanese language, culture, custom and introduce to company in Japan, and do after support. Currently our group provides about 7,500 staff from overseas, working various Japanese company as a Technical Internship Program, Office Employee, Engineers etc.

As Bangladesh has lot of population to work for overseas, so in future we are planning to bring them to Japan too.However, to come Japan, Japanese language is mandatory. So, we have open MUSUBU Japanese language in Bangladesh jointly where we will teach them Japanese language, they can be study in Japan smoothly or work in Japan as a quick start and enjoy his/her daily life in Japan.

So, please join us and explore your opportunity in Japan.

Looking forward to seeing you in MUSUBU.

Kenji Kojima.
Chairman, Musubu Japanese Language and cultural Centre.
President, Itech co. Ltd., Japan.


We are very happy to share to all of you about our new Japanese Language School (Musubu) in Dhaka .We promise to all of our students to create a great opportunity for their career by learning Japanese Language, culture, corporate training and all other Japanese basic needs through our institution.

We are very happy to share to all of you about our new Japanese Language School (Musubu) in Dhaka .We promise to all of our students to create a great opportunity for their career by learning Japanese Language, culture, corporate training and all other Japanese basic needs through our institution. We do training with dynamic, affluent Native Japanese teacher. Bilingual Bangladeshi teacher teach both face to face and online based from Japan directly in real time. Personally I have been running an English Language School in Japan for 17 years. I can also cooperate here with my long experiences as working at international arena with Marine Engineering Background. I do believe our staffs and teachers will provide you a world standard Education. Thank you very much and wish all your success

Usha Ranjan
Advisor, Musubu Japanese Language and cultural Centre.
Managing Director, Usha International  Ltd. Co. , Japan.
Lecturer, Shizuka University, Japan(Faculty of Engineering) Japan                                      


Musubu Blog

Our Demo Class

Our demo class already started from yesterday, our respected sensei Shinya MATSUURA is taking the class, Join Musubu to get the best opportunities to learn Japanese Language, here you can also get touched with the Japanese culture that will help you to cope with the situation when you will go to Japan. Musubu ensures you…

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Starting Classes

Our university organize student welcome program on every year. This program will help to introduce the students with each other and can share their ideas, feelings and many more. This program is going to held on coming next Sunday. Every students, staff, faculties and parents are welcome.

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Study! Job!! Settle!! In Japan

Musubu Japanese Language and Cultural Center offers you a variety to learn Japanese language both verbally and in written from, we offer our students the best opportunities to learn the  language practically. Our instructors who have long experience in coaching students for EJU(Examination of Japanese University Admission) and other qualification exams guide you in achieving your goal to enter higher academic institutions in Japan.

A designated homeroom teacher takes academic care of all the students in the class. Achievement tests are given to the students once every three months to reorganize the classes, placing the students to the most fitted class for their levels.

We help you master practical Japanese language which boosts your communication skill enough to cope with the international business world, and also allows you to pass the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Level N5 leading you to enter a university where you wish.